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Tips and Tricks on Promoting Yourself as a Webcam…

Webcam modeling is a hard job and tough to promote. The will to do it, of course, is an important part but to be great at it requires the will to go above and beyond. The main goal of a webcam model is to entice people to stay in the chatroom and ultimately have the customer pay.

As you wonder about entering this career, you have to keep certain things in mind. You wouldn’t be the only person there, and most probably you will not appear in the first few pages of most cam sites. People generally go for the models on the first page and the number of pages of cam models can each in the 100s, so that explains how much competition you may have. The competition among models will be tight, and you would need to be sure that you do the right things to stand out in your webcam modeling.

If you make a bland profile no one will be able to filter down to your page, it is better to use tags or have a complete profile so that people can find you if they are looking for your type of shows. The main achievement will be when people start following you and even stay on your chat regularly. You will need people to give you positive reviews so that other people will be encouraged to visit you.

Joining a webcam modeling community:

There are several communities out there, and also there are blogs discussing the whole realm of becoming a webcam model. You have to research about the online sphere of webcam modeling before diving into it. People who have been working as a webcam model for a while are the best reviewers of the ways, and they can help you out with recommendations as to what to do and what to be wary of. You have to find out the right ways of how to become a webcam model by setting up a profile and also find the key points of attraction and converse with other models in the community to know about their personal experience.

Numerous forums related to webcam modeling are scattered today, but we have one primary recommendation

Amber Cutie Forums is one of the best forums that you can consult and is made by onecamgirl who is an apt person for laying down the insides of this community. You can get quickly acquainted with the community on these forums that will give you the necessary information you will need. Everything from the type of equipment you need, to reviews on places you can model for are on this forum. You will also know how to attract people and also stay away from creeps. You can ask them all sorts of question regarding the adult industry.

myfreecam amber cutie forums

If you are just starting out with webcam modeling, then it is certainly recommended for you to check out forums so that you may stay away from problems that others may have faced. By doing so, you can get your self established in the webcam scene much quicker than most.


Social Media Networking as a tool for promoting your career webcam modeling:

Social media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with your fan base and is the place that almost all types of endorsements and promotions are made. Your followers will always be eager to see your videos and watch you live if you keep them happy with notifying them on various social media handles. By using social media, you can get people who would always be enthusiastic about you and will be your loyal everyday customer!

Using social media as promotion

It isn’t necessary to always promote yourself through adult content as sometimes providing trivial information about your life can make the people connect with you more. Creating a personal connection with your fans will make them feel more attached, and you can get more business out of them! As Facebook often bans adult content, Instagram and Tumblr can be used to do the job. You can easily show a sneak peak and include a link to your site or webcam room to attract them. Instagram does not allow full on nudity, but tumblr and twitter definitely do!

There are certain steps that you can follow while opening a social media profile to make it attractive for anyone that has been visiting it:

  • When you open the profile make sure that you provide some basic information about yourself and also make sure to give a link to your cam site. Try to include information about the tags that you are most likely to use at the time of web camming.
  • You will need to follow other fellow webcam models and the site you use for camming on social media handles. This really helps you in knowing what others are up to and how you have to prepare yourself for an equal competition. You can also see what their fans are demanding, and you can include it in your services.
  • Try to mingle in the society by talking to other cammers and sharing your experience with them and also talking to them about what they face on a daily basis. This helps in strengthening you as a webcam model and also makes your presence known to everyone. When you comment on a fellow cammer’s picture or status, some of their followers will visit your page surely, and this will increase your traffic.
  • Hashtags are a powerful tool today as it lets people see the things they want to see exactly. So when you upload something on Instagram or Tumblr make sure you are using enough hashtags pertaining to your genre, tags and also the group of people that you want to target. You can use hashtags like #webcammer, #webmodel, #camgirl, #cutecamjobs etc. To make yourself known and be consistent on using the same hashtags.
  • YouTube has certain restrictions, but you can always evade them. You can upload small sneak peeks that are age restricted and also make videos pertaining to your experience as working as a cam model. You can also make videos about your daily life and include links to the sites where you are on in the description box below. If you are open about the web cam life, people are more accepting and eager to visit you.

As we have said, the first step is overwhelming. It will take time for you to see yourself on the 1st page of the camming site but keep faith in yourself and keep on promoting and working hard to keep the job up. Do not forget to have a charming personality as it is the most important thing in the webcam modeling industry.